EnergyTalk Forum - Help

The forum is divided into sub-sections to organise posts and make it easy to find the information you are looking for. Click any of the forum categories to view or add a post. You can navigate and view content but you must login to post or answer a question (register first if you do not have an account, see links in top right corner of the screen).

Click the Add New Topic button to create a new discussion or the Reply button beside an existing topic to add your comment.

You can get email notification of posts to any of the forum categories. Open the forum and tick the checkbox "Click to subscribe to this forum" - note that this applies separately to each forum category so please tick for every forum category you wish to participate in. You can manage this for all forums as shown in Tab 3 section below.


You can manage your forum settings by clicking My Profile in the top right corner of the forum screen. There are 3 profile tabs to available:

Tab 1 - About You

Profile 1

Tab 2 - My Preferences - Click "Subscribe to Topics" to get notifications about posts in your topics

Profile 2 

Tab 3 - Forum Tracking - Click the Envelope Icon alongside each forum to turn "Click to subscribe to this forum" option on / off.

Profile 3