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Welcome to EnergyPoint

Energy can be a major operating cost for many organisations and the management of this cost is an ongoing and significant challenge. The globalised market place of today demands that organisations continuously strive to improve their competitiveness in order to grow & prosper, energy management is a key part of achieving this goal.

EnergyPoint is very well positioned to assist you and your organisation across a range of aspects of energy management – from the design &  implementation of a best of breed Monitoring & Targeting Solution (EM&T), carrying out site energy audits to identify energy saving opportunities, completion of feasibility studies to accurately determine the capital costs and payback associated with identified opportunities, right through to the design, procurement and project management of energy saving projects & technologies.

EnergyPoint can also support your organisation in achieving accreditation to the EN16001 or ISO50001 Energy Management Standards and also provide a range of training courses to enable you and your organisation to achieve your Energy Management goals and objectives.