Alternative Energy Solutions


Combined Heat and Power Systems, (CHP), are an efficient way to generate electricity and heat simultaneously. CHP reduces energy costs through maximising the use of primary energy sources. When fuels such as gas, coal, oil, biomass etc are burnt to release energy, the by-product heat is often wasted. CHP Systems harness this heat and uses it to serve another purpose... >>More information  


There are several methods of harvesting the free energy from the sun, (solar energy). The simplest method is passive solar design. By designing and positioning a building in such a way that its exposure to the sun’s rays in maximised, it is possible to minimise the need for heating and lighting provision from other energy sources... >> More Information.


It will come as no surprise that Ireland is one of the windiest places in Europe. It is a fact that if the Ireland could harness all its wind energy it would provide more than enough energy for all our needs... >>More Information


The industrialised world is in the early stages of a revolution which will see it switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy over the next 50 years.  The scale and scope of the transition will be enormous. The need for change is driven by... >>More Information

Heat Pumps

Relatively few heat pumps are currently installed in industry. However, as environmental regulations become stricter, industrial heat pumps can become an important technology to reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and limit the use of ground water for cooling... >>More Information