It will come as no surprise that Ireland is one of the windiest places in Europe. It is a fact that if the Ireland could harness all its wind energy it would provide more than enough energy for all our needs.

There are approximately 169 wind farms in Ireland. These wind farms have the capacity to produce more than 2,000 MW of electrical power, enough to supply over one million homes. Turbines can be seen all over Ireland and range in height from 25 to 80 metres with the blade diameters now reaching 65 metres.

The Industrial, Commercial and Educational sectors are increasingly considering wind as part of their energy mix in order to secure energy supply and manage costs.

When considering the viability of installing wind turbines at a site there are a number of key factors that need to be considered.

 ·         Average wind speed at the height above ground for the location

·         Size of generation vs financial and commercial benefits

·         Location in relation to neighbouring occupants or operations

·         Location with relation to air traffic

·         Location with relation to transmission aerials, microwave dishes etc.

Whilst the benefits of energy from this type of renewable and sustainable source are significant, there are many factors that will inevitably effect the adoption of such schemes. Noise and visual impact are only two of a number of environmental considerations that need to be addressed.

EnergyPoint can advise you on the feasibility of this type of sustainable energy production as well as the planning, procurement and construction stages of projects.

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