ISO50001 EnMS

The International Standards Authority (ISO) has identified energy management as a priority area meriting the development and promotion of International Standards. Effective energy management is a priority focus because of the significant potential to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide.

The Purpose of ISO 50001

ISO 50001 is intended to provide organizations with a recognized framework for integrating energy performance, including use & consumption, into their management practices.

The Goals of ISO 50001

  • Assist organizations in making better use of their existing energy-consuming assets
  • Create transparency and facilitate communication on the management of energy resources
  • Promote energy management best practices and reinforce good energy management behaviours
  • Assist facilities in evaluating and prioritizing the implementation of new energy-efficient technologies
  • Provide a framework for promoting energy efficiency throughout the supply chain
  • Facilitate energy management improvements for greenhouse gas emission reduction projects
  • Allow integration with other organizational management systems such as environmental, and health and safety.

To Whom it Applies

ISO 50001 is suitable for any organization – whatever your size, sector or geographical location. It is particularly relevant if you operate in an energy intensive industry or one facing GHG emissions regulation or legislation.


The Benefits of ISO 50001 Implementation

  • Reduce costs
    Reduce energy costs via a structured approach to identifying, measuring and managing your energy consumption.
  • Improve business performance
    Drive greater productivity by identifying technical point solutions and affecting behavioural change to reduce energy consumption.
  • Engage top management
    Position energy management in the boardroom as a key business issue.
  • Comply with legislation
    Meet current or future mandatory energy efficiency targets and/or the requirements of GHG emission reduction legislation.
  • Reduce your GHG emissions
    Meet stakeholder expectations or obligations now and in the future.
  • Formalise energy policy and objectives
    Create respect for the energy management policy and embed energy efficient thinking in your organization.
  • Integrate your management systems
    Align your EnMS with existing management systems for incremental benefit.
  • Secure energy supply
    Understand your energy risk exposure and identify areas of the organization at greatest risk.
  • Drive innovation
    Develop opportunities for new products and services in the low-carbon economy of the future.
  • Flexible and scalable
    Applicable to any organisation, large or small and from any industry


What can EnergyPoint do for you? 

We can assist in an upfront assessment of your current energy management practices to see what gaps currently exist (GAP Analysis), recommend a means of closing those gaps and assist in the preparation of a project plan to take you through the required steps for a successful implementation of the ISO50001 EnMS. Specific technical resources can be provided to assist in completing aspects of the plan as required such as completing site energy audits and preparing an opportunity register. 


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