Monitoring & Targeting

Monitoring and targeting (M&T) is an energy management technique that can be applied in any type and size of organisation, whether commercial, industrial or public sector

The purpose of monitoring and targeting (M&T) is to relate your energy consumption data to production figures, shift cycles, weather or other measures in such a way that you get a better understanding of how energy is being used. In particular, it will identify opportunities to reduce consumption and whether there are signs of avoidable waste which can be eliminated.

Data collection may be manual, automated, or a mixture of the two. Once an M&T scheme has been set up, its routine operation should be neither time consuming nor complex. An M&T scheme will provide essential underpinning for your energy management activities, allowing you to:

    • Detect avoidable energy waste that might otherwise remain hidden. This is waste that occurs at random because of poor control, unexpected equipment faults or human error, and which can usually be put right quickly and cheaply (or, indeed, at no cost). Intercepting and rectifying such problems can often more than cover the cost of implementing the M&T scheme.    

    • Quantify the savings achieved by any and all of your energy projects and campaigns in a manner that accounts fully for levels of production activity and other relevant external factors. Many users cite this as the most valuable result of M&T.

    • Identify fruitful lines of investigation for energy surveys. Rather than starting a survey with no clear agenda, you can go prepared with specific questions to ask, prompted by observed erratic or unexpected patterns of consumption

    • Provide feedback for staff awareness, improve budget setting and undertake benchmarking.

EnergyPoint can assist your organisation by designing, supplying, implementing and supporting a ‘best of breed’ M&T system to assist you with your energy management & reduction programme.

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